7 Tips for Choosing Good Workout Clothes ...


Choosing Good Workout Clothes can be difficult because we all want to look sexy and stylish, yet at the same time be able to move and stretch and do the things you're supposed to do while working out. I've had a few flubs myself when it comes to choosing good workout clothes! You CAN be stylish yet practical at the same time. Want to know how? Keep reading my list of 7 tips for choosing good workout clothes and I'll tell you! There are just a few basic tips and tricks to keep in mind when shopping for workout clothes and once you get those down pat, you'll be surprised by how sexy yet fully functional your workout gear will be! Here's to choosing good workout clothes and having a fabulous workout!

1. Don't Wear Sloppy Clothes

If there's one mistake I notice that people tend to make when choosing workout clothes, it's that they throw on the first thing they find on the closet floor. Old sweats, baggy shorts, ripped up t-shirts, or stretched out PJ pants are NOT good options for working out! Not only will your workout morale be low, but you will perceive yourself as un-sexy and therefore you wont be pumped about your performance. Besides that, it can be dangerous to wear workout gear that is old or clothes that aren't even meant to be worn at the gym. Baggy clothes can catch on weights or treadmills and cause you to trip or fall or drop something. And clothes that are stretched out won't give you the support you need in certain areas of your body.

Pick the Right Bottoms
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