10 Tips for Beautiful Nails ...


Beautiful nails are an essential part of a neat well-groomed appearance. Regardless of how well dressed you are or how groomed your hair is, a good impression of a person’s appearance can be marred instantly if they lack healthy and beautiful nails. When nails are dull, brittle and untidy, it’s time to take measures. We definitely don’t give our hands the attention they need, and take them for granted even though they play such an important role in everything we do. Here’s 10 Tips for Beautiful Nails.

1. Nourish for Beautiful Nails

Nourish for Beautiful Nails

The rate at which nails grow is determined by how nourishing and healthy the diet is. When nutrients are lacking it’s our bodies reflect it, it will show up even in the nails, as it does in hair and skin. For beautiful nails, the diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables, such as brussel sprouts, papaya and kiwi, and, for example due to their supply of fatty acids, almonds are excellent food for beautiful nails. Additionally, make sure to drink plenty of water

Take Vitamin Supplements if Diet is Lacking
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