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The Lisping Actor

By The

Date: November 2005
How we met: Damn you, JDate
Previous flirtations: The usual
What we did:
The Lisping Actor gained favor right off the bat by allowing me to help select a place. We chose a brewery about halfway between our homesteads. I walked in, and he walked in a few seconds behind me.

We sat down at a table, and the Lisping Actor started looking at the menu. Why do these boys always agree to a drink, then order dinner? Dammit. I hadn't had a big dinner and actually like the food at this place, so ordered a meal for myself.

The Lisping Actor was not lacking in the ego department. He was very proud of all of his accomplishments. He works as one of those comedy guys who comes into offices to demonstrate teamwork. My office had had such a group at an offsite meeting a few weeks prior, and I have never wanted to kill people so badly when I haven't been on a date. And here I was, combining these two experiences....

Anyway, throughout his monologue about his acting talents, he was lisping. Horribly lisping. Ya know, if your job is to give speeches, you may want to see a speech therapist to perfect this impediment.

He was absolutely grating. Nod and smile date here. Nod and smile.

Nickname: Hi! I'm an awthome actor. I give thpeecheth. (I'm going to hell, I know.)
FDS: 2 out of 10
How long it lasted: 1 date

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