The Hot Sheet---Holiday Suggestions ...

Too busy to research the fun stuff that's available this holiday season? Never fear---The Lipstick Chronicles is a full service blog!


From Nancy: My husband and I saw Casino Royale on a Friday night when were were both braindead and in the mood for fun. Jackpot! Jeff followed the plot. I looked at Daniel Craig and let my mind wander all over that delicious body. Plus the car porn was excellent. Half the fun is listening to the dopey teenage boys in the audience around you.

We also saw Babel, which was terrific. Much like **Crash--**three separate and compelling plots woven together with a theme. The big drawback is that I got motion sickness! With all the jiggling camera antics, I actually had to close my eyes for the last hour, whihc was problematic because most of the dialogue is in subtitles.

Those snug fleece gloves are on sale at the Gap again. Only $8.75, so you can keep a pair in every parka.


from Michele:

I've seen too many forgettable movies lately. A Scanner Darkly (Richard Linklater 2006) is a big exception, though it's not for the faint of heart. In this animated adpatation of the Philip K. Dick novel, Keanu (gorgeous even in animated form!) plays a narcotics cop in the Orange County of the future, which has become a police state because virtually everybody is hooked on a sinister narcotic called Substance D. The film is really about drug addiction, from a harrowing insider's perspective. Brilliant performances by Keanu and Robert Downey Jr. Cast also includes Winona Ryder and Woody Harrelson. (All major players in the cast are veterans of serious drug problems.)


Also recommended: The fourth season of The Wire. Too much of the plot this season focuses on a clique of middle schoolers getting pulled into crime (thought there are some terrific young actors in the bunch.) But when this show does what it's best at--the ins and outs of life on the streets, cops and slingers in the urban drug wars---there's nothing to rival it.

Tomorrow....more entertainment recommendations from the Book Tarts. Until then, enjoy your leftovers!


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