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GIFT GIVING IDEA 101 Things to Buy before You Di ...

By Elke


101 Things to Buy Before You Die.

Sounds like a fashionable chic will of some sorts. Or just one major shopping list!

Makeup goodies are listed as well, including my fav Lancome Définicils Mascara and need to try Flash Bronzer Airbrush (they claim Flash Bronzer Airbrush as an “extremely easy to use” product that “coats every millimeter of skin with natural color” and declare Définicils Mascara “the clear winner” for its “natural look” and resistance to “clogging, smudging or flaking.”)

Shopping tip: Définicils Mascara ($22.00) makes a great stocking stuffer and Flash Bronzer Airbrush ($28.00) is a safe way to fake a holiday tan.

Available at, specialty stores, the four Lancôme boutiques and counters nationwide.

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ISBN: 1933176091
ISBN-13: 9781933176093
Format: Paperback, 160pp
Publisher: Red Rock Press

From the Publisher
This shopping tour of a lifetime for women and men alights on the best of almost everything worldwide. Men can find the best place for bespoke suits; women will be guided to the top little black dress. Number One goodies include the most fabulous of accessories and grooming products. If you want to know where on the planet to locate the finest diamond ring, best olive oil, or motor scooter, you'll find the answer here. Items are sourced in American stores and/or international websites.

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