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This is one from my mailbox, which I'll do from time to time, so if you know of a bag company you want to see featured, drop a line.

These are hard rocking shoulder bags from the new company Fenderbunny self billed as "not your mother's handbag" ...well, maybe if your mother is a total biker babe.

Designed and hand painted by Andrea Coleman, a former designer for Tylie Malibu, each bag is really a work of art. They are adorned with antiqued rings and studs, and treated to have a vintage feel, and made to last. Inside, the bags are lined with suede for a quality luxe touch, and feature 2 pockets.

While the tattoo thing isn't original, I think the quality, and painting makes these the standout bag among the competition. The flaming heart pictured above on the style "Burning Love" is definitely the eye catcher, but I'm fond of the "Idiometer", and "Bad to the Bone" pictured in that order below.

I think the Ouija board design is totally cool (it ought to come with a pointer!) and sure to be noticed. The Jolly Roger, is appliqued and features a crystal tooth in his huge grin. I also love that the bad to the Bone has a red suede lining. Not sure why, but little secret touches like that always impress me. It shows that someone has thought beyond just the parts that the world sees.

So, if you need to get your handbag rock and roll on, check out Fenderbunny currently available exclusively at Blue Bee for $688 each.

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