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Restaurant Critic beds Clint and Elvis!


When the news broke on Friday that New York restaurant critic Gael Greene had bedded some very famous men, as well as a male porn star, the first thing I wanted to know was what she looked like. The interesting thing was, that in all of the photographs thrown up by google image search, Gael was hiding under a hat. Pah!

Great food is like great sex - the more you have the more you want.
Gael Greene

Although there are at least two food bloggers I know of who have shared kisses with pop stars and actors, don't expect me to spill the beans on who they or their suitors were. You'll have to wait until I am on my death bed writing my food blogger memoir, for that. (Ha, ha, no links in this paragraph!)

In the meantime, if you were behaving badly like Gael Greene, which three super stars would you choose to indulge in a tryst with?

1) Nicholas Cage
2) Sean Bean
3) Alan Rickman

Or someone else, perhaps?

PS I know this is a silly, not very serious post, but this is a silly not very serious Sunday, so there!

Archive Alert! On this date in 2005 - Paper Chef Winner.

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