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Religious Baby Girl Baptism Bracelet

Via Naturalstonesjewelrybyrp.com Even a newborn baby can benefit from the gift of baptism jewelry. Isn't this pretty?
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Personalized Bracelet

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Meaningful Materials

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Christening Headpiece

Via Baby girl christening headpiece, flower ... A cute headband like this one is a great alternative for little ones who like to chew on their jewelry.
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A Beautiful Necklace

Via holding holly's heart Of course, you'll have to keep your eyes on her, but a necklace is the perfect touch for a baptism dress.
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Beautiful Ring

Via Where Did the CTR Ring ... For an older girl, this ring is a nice gift to consider. Have her initials added to make it perfect.
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Rosary Bracelet

Via How to Make a Coil ... For Catholic girls, this beautiful rosary bracelet is a great gift. The blue color is lovely, don't you think?
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Simple Cross Necklace

Via Simple Cross necklace .Choose your ... Of course you can never go wrong with a simple cross like this one. She'll wear it for years to come.
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Cross Keychain

Via Items similar to First Communion ... For a little girl who doesn't care for jewelry, a cross themed keychain is a great alternative.
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Little Girls Personalized Heart Locket

Via Locket Necklace Little Girls Personalized ... Can you think of anything more perfect for a little girl on her baptism? This is so beautiful.
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Include a Bible Verse

Via Anchor Necklace - Deseret Book Baptism is a religious event, so something that comes with a Bible verse is absolutely perfect.
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Sterling Silver Tiara Ring

Via Sterling Silver Tiara Ring Every girl wants a crown of her own. And this holds double meaning as God is often called the King of Kings.
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Silver and Rhinestone SIDEWAYS Cross Bracelet

Via FIRST COMMUNION GIFT Silver and ... This lovely design is ideal for a tween or teen girl who is being baptized. It also works for an adult.
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In My Heart

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Baby/Toddler Birthstone Personalized Baptism Rosary

Via Catholic Baby/Toddler Birthstone Personalized Baptism ... This is a gift that will carry meaning with her for her entire life. Isn't it great?
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Child of God Necklace

Via Child of God Necklace, I ... I love this! What a perfect way to give a girl a gift that she can wear on her baptism and every day afterward.
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Bible Verse Necklace

Via Sterling Bible Verse Necklace - ... An engraved Bible verse is the perfect gift for a baptism.
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Personalized Cross Necklace with THREE Initial Discs

Via Personalized cross necklace with THREE ... This delicate necklace is a great option for a girl or any age. Isn't it lovely?
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Swarovski Crystal and Rhinestone

Via Items similar to Christening Bracelet, ... Every girl like to sparkle a little and this lovely bracelet lets her do it on her big day.
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Pink Pearl Rosary Bracelet

Via Items similar to Pink Pearl ... For little girls who like pink, this lovely rosary bracelet fits the bill just right.
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Infant Jewelry

Via Infant Jewelry SWAROVSKI Baby bracelet, ... Photos of your infant in this lovely bracelet are going to be treasured memories for the rest of her life.
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Rosary and Bracelet

Via Catholic Baby Girl Baptism Personalized ... A matching bracelet and rosary is a great choice for a girl being baptized into the Catholic faith. What is your most memorable baptism gift? Were you an infant or old enough to remember the day?
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