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Inner Wrist

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One of the least painful tattoos to get is the one on the ankle. Not only do people say that the pain level is really low, but it is one of the most feminine places to get a tattoo. I have seen people sport small, intricate fine line tattoo designs around their ankles, while others have plain hearts, equal signs, and stars that looked equally as good. In addition, hiding your ankle tattoo won't be a problem, because many high top shoes can easily cover them!
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Behind the Ear

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Inner Arm

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Inner Bicep

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Top Finger Tattoos

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Side of the Finger

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Back Shoulder

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Upper Shoulder

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Nape of the Neck

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Rib Cage

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Upper Thigh

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Side Wrist

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Front Ribs

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Collar Bone

Collar bone tattoos are so sweet and whimsical. They pop out so nicely, but can easily be concealed. The collar bone is probably one of the best places for women to get tattoos!So those are the best places for women to get tattoos while still keeping the placement attractive and professional at the same time. Also, these won't stretch and look awkward if you get pregnant down the road. Remember though, everyone's pain tolerance is different— these may hurt a lot or not at all. Either way it will be worth it! But for those of you with tattoos, what was your experience like? Are there any other areas you suggest?This article was written in collaboration with editor Sabrina Yates.Please vote and rank this list
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