Some of the Best April Fool's Day Gags on the Internet for 2007


Some of the Best April Fool's Day Gags on the Internet for 2007
Some of the Best April Fool's Day Gags on the Internet for 2007

Yesterday was April the 1st, which only means one thing - Glastonbury tickets go on sale. Well, that and April Fool's Day, where the internet gets up to all forms of shenanigans and makes gullible morons of pretty much everyone. Did you get fooled? Hear of any corkers for 2007? Here are my pick of the bunch...

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) The Register's Apple and Google ID phone -** Both respective parties have dropped their iPhone and Google mobiles and are collaborating to produce the 'ID', which the Register claimed ''has no power switch. In fact, there are no buttons at all...the "ID" is incapable of making or receiving telephone calls - but Apple says this is a feature most of its target market won't miss''. They even had a 'statement' from an Apple engineering source, who blabbed "People said they wanted an iPhone above all, to make a statement about themselves...let's face it, they don't like talking and most of them have no one to call anyway". Admit it - you want one

2.) YesButNoButYes' 'Twitterati' - What claims to be 'The greatest pop culture blog on the planet' came out with a scheme so clever, it fooled hundreds yesterday. They started a new site,, which promised to pay Twitter users (which I spoke about on Thursday) to advertise specific products or websites in their tweets, so for every 'follower' you have on the microblogging site, you get paid a certain amount. Sadly, it was just a joke, but just goes to show how many people are willing to commercialise their blogs.

3.) Google's Gmail paper and TiSP - The search engine famous for their gags announced their new service which allows you to receive a bulk set of print-outs of all your Gmail emails once a month, something which I'm sure many people would actually fancy! They also came out with a slightly less-believable claim that they were entering the ISP area, involving stringing fiber-optic cable into your home via your toilet, a service dubbed Toilet Internet Service Provider.

4.) ThinkGeek's Wiihelm - One of our favourite online stores got in on the act with a helmet featuring a built-in Wii-mote, so instead of waving it around with your hand, you simply bob your head. They even filmed a spoof video as well! I can imagine many Nintendo fanboys' crestfallen faces as they realised their dreams were all an illusion.

5.) Skype for Cows 3.2 - Skype got silly with a new program enabling cows' moos to be translated into text. "With illiteracy such a problem among cows, Skype is partnering with IBM for moo recognition of Skype commands. Students at the Open University in London are developing moo-to-text conversion".

6.) Facebook's fake news feed - Several items in yesterday's news feed over at Facebook were hilarious, with 'Harry and Voldemort have set their relationship status to 'Mortal Enemies' amusing many Harry Potter bots, and "Introducing LivePoke! Facebook will dispatch a real live person today to poke a friend of your choice."

For more geeky April Fool's Day jokes, there are several round-ups of the best, which you can view here, and here. Otherwise there's a special Google search engine dedicated entirely to the annual jokes day. Happy surfing!

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