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Pop Nosh Larry Birkhead is the Daddy

By popbytes

larry birkhead was proven via DNA to be the father of dannielynn hope w/ a 99.9% assurance factor!

tara conner is leaving NYC behind & will be staying in los angeles full-time (if anyone cares...)

wait - i thought scarlett johannson wasn't looking for a man? but then she met sexy ryan reynolds!

halle berry is looking gorgeous on the cover of may's esquire magazine (and no baby bump present)

don't expect to see justin timberlake chowing down on mcdonals anytime soon - he's so over them...

oh leann rimes! she's getting attention anywhere she can - even partnering with cornflakes cereal!

jay-z set the record straight about his supposed 'love child' of now there is no such thing!

paris hilton can't seem to keep her friends - no more spears - no more kardashian - who's next?!?

so what's a girl to do without any friends?!? you bring a big fat guy to eat ice cream with you...

anyone want to know how britney spears supposedly lost 12 whole pounds while in rehab? read on

mischa barton enters a wet t-shirt contest & loses! well not really but why is her top all wet?!?

'girls gone wild' loser joe francis was nabbed by up...'prison boys gone wild'

darren hayes of 'savage garden' is back with a new more upbeat solo album - here's a sneak preview

could 'vaughniston' be ready for romance again? that's the rumor going around about jen & vince...

gretchen bonaduce is over her hubby danny (who wouldn't be?) and has set the divore in motion

harvey weinstein is upset about grindhouse's $ performance & wants to split the film up - so lame!

pj harvey**this is love**what the buck? getting ready for idol!

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