PartySugar behind the Bash: Gen Arts @ SF Fashion Week

During San Francisco Fashion Week, I was lucky enough to attend Gen Art's premiere show Fresh Faces In Fashion. Gen Art is all about supporting and promoting upcoming talents in the fashion, film, music, and art worlds, and their fashion show is always a hot ticket. The room was packed, the decor was lush, and the drinks were flowing at both the pre and post show parties.

Two days before the show, I was lucky enough to speak with event producer Dana Castro. Despite having been up since 3 am, she was friendly, fresh faced, and focused.

PartySugar: What is your outlook when you plan a party?
Dana Castro: It depends. The first thing I always do is book the venue right away. I started planning this show at the beginning of June. I outline the show, outline the party and think of the elements of the party. I find the people to sponsor and the designers for the lounges. This year I've contracted SillaPere, who I've worked with in the past, to create a lounge and do the flowers. It's all about Spring 08 fashion with an all white background.

PS: What trends are emerging in event planning?
DS: Going green. Eco-events. For example, in weddings people are doing invites on seed paper. It may put them over their budget, but people are doing it.

To see what she else she had to say about planning a party this size, plus pictures of the event,

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