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New York Fashion Week Day 5 round up

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Michael Kors' collection was a mixture of sporty glam, elegant classics and red carpet chiffon gowns. The beautiful colours included sherbet shades of orange and pink, and citrus shades of lime green.

The collection also had military-inspired pieces with navy, white and grey jackets over tailored trousers, and shorts.

Becki Newton, Jane Krakowski, Maria Sharapova, Jessica Simpson, Tracy Ellis Ross all attended the show. With sister Ashlee Simpson at the MTV Awards, Jessica decided to make use of her ticket, because I don't believe for one second that Jessica was actually invited to this show.

Like Ports 1961, Diane Von Furstenberg's collection was inspired by exotic, far away places. The bold colours and prints reminded me of an exotic fruity cocktail.

Diane's trademark wrap dress was hardly visible in this collection.

Ellen Barkin and Veronica Webb were front row at this wonderful show.

Nicholai by Nicky Hilton is actually not that bad. I was expecting to hate it, but I did not.

All of the items I could picture both Nicky and Paris wearing as it consisted of bright colours, sequins, hot pants and short skirts.

Very Eurotrash, but it works.

Jenna Jameson and Nicky's parents enjoyed the show. Paris was at the MTV Awards supporting her sister from afar as she had far greater priorities.

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