Paris Hilton Released for Psychological Problems


So apparently Paris Hilton's medical condition was purely psychological and she was released from prison because she was in danger of having a nervous breakdown. TMZ reports:

Psychiatrist Charles Sophy visited Hilton in jail yesterday and the day before. We're told after Sophy's visit yesterday, word was passed to the Sheriff that Hilton's mental state was fragile and she was at risk. The reason for releasing her had nothing to do with a rash or other physical issues. It was purely in her head.

So the big medical reason that got Paris Hilton released was that she wasn't happy in prison. Which, I always thought, was sort of the whole point. Was she expecting to ride on unicorns and dance under waterfalls? It's fucking prison. I'm pretty sure the inmates who get daily anal rapings are pretty upset too, but nobody's letting them go home. The moral of the story is: if you're ever put in prison just put on a frowny face and they'll let you go. Oh, and make sure you're Paris Hilton. That last part's pretty important.

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