7 Online Shopping Mistakes ...


Buying goods online has become a way of life. Simple, convenient and devoid of ‘real world’ hassles like queues and snarky assistants, the internet is, increasingly, the new mall or high street. While there are a million reasons we love virtual shopping, there are also, however, more than a couple of downfalls. The business of buying on the internet isn’t risk free; dangers of identity theft, virus infection, card copying and, of course, the plain old rip off, lurk at every turn. To help you to navigate what is becoming a virtual retail minefield, I’ve done some research and put together a list of 7 online shopping mistakes.

1. Narrow Horizons

The internet is a big place. Instead of automatically doing your shopping at one particular virtual store, broaden your horizons and check out a few new options. It’s important to compare prices across retailers in order to make sure you’re getting the best deal; who knows? That tried and tested vendor might just be wildly overpriced.

Using a Dodgy Connection
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