8 New Rules for Glowing Summer Skin ...


Forget your mother's advice on achieving glowing summer skin. Smothering your skin in oil and laying in the sun for hours is so over! And so is smearing on foundation three tones darker than you are. Here are your 8 new rules for glowing summer skin! You will be the hottest babe in the room if you try out these tips for enhancing your tan. And if you don't really have one yet, no worries! These tricks will give you the illusion of having bronzed, sun-kissed skin. Ready for some glowing summer skin? Ready, set, glow!

1. Wear White

Don't worry, summer is when you are allowed to wear white! And nothing will set off a beautiful tan (or give the illusion of one!) like wearing a bright white dress. The color white makes skin glow. So go for it! Start out small if you need to, maybe a white tank or skirt, but whatever you do, mix in some white!

Add Some Shimmer
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