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My Evening at the 'grindhouse' ...

By popbytes

good evening! i must first give a big shout out to my pal sam who let me tag along with her to an advance (super packed) screening (with FREE concessions!) of the double feature film **grindhouse**! i've been in dire anticipation (i posted the trailer not too long ago) of the film (which releases april 6th) overall i loved it - i wasn't disappointed at all! i'm always guilty of building myself up over something and then being let down but this was not the case at all tonight!

however the general vibe i got when i left was people enjoyed the first part planet terror directed by robert rodgriuez much more than the second part death proof helmed by quentin tarantino...i actually liked both parts but i'll agree that the rodriguez part is more instantly enjoyable & action packed while quentin's part is more of a slow burner with great dialogue! there was tons of gore - loads of violence - thrills & chills galore - plus a killer soundtrack (tarantino for sure has the better soundtrack of the two) for those of you who have been wanting to see it - i think you'll fucking love it! (some of the best parts are in the 'grindhouse' coming attractions & very clever intermission sequences)

i was mega blown away by rose mcgowan who completely kicked ass! (and appears in both parts) she fucking rocked - oh go ms. mcgowan! she was amazing along with the rest of the cast but anyone who can make a machine gun leg look fierce wins the prize - i was way impressed by her and it reminded me how much i really did enjoy seeing her up on the big screen! (the doom generation and jawbreaker rock!)

i've got a few more posts up my sleeve on this one - it's great to see two incredible directors come together for a film like grindhouse which is a total & complete cinematic experience unlike anything you've seen before! (i'll warn you now that it runs a little over three hours) check out the video i posted below of a small behind the scenes look at the film and the recent entertainment weekly spread on the flick! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

PS oh my word - you know who makes an appearance in 'planet terror'?!? oh yes...**fergie** does (as a lesbian) when i saw her i was all i didn't know she was in this!


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