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Meet Our Early-November "Ask a Friend" Sweepstakes Winner

By Lori

Winner: Sarah
From: Iowa
Friend: Julie
Winning Jean: 7 for all Mankind Bootcut

Q. How do your new 7 jeans fit?

**A.**They fit great!

**Q.**How did you find out about zafu?

**A.**My mom and I are regulars on this cruise fashion board and someone there posted your website. My mom found out about it and she told be about it. I got on zafu and started messing around and found that the jeans that I usually buy were on my results page. That kind of got me thinking that this might really work!

Q. What do you look for in the perfect jean?

**A.**I like them to make my butt look really good. I don’t like them to be too loose in the thighs or really skin tight. I really like the boot cut style just because I’m shorter and I think that makes my legs look a bit longer. I like a uniform wash too, nothing extreme.

Q. What is your favorite denim brand?

**A.**Most of the time (99% of the time) I get Old Navy jeans. They’re inexpensive and they fit me exactly the way that I like. I can walk in and pick up my size and take them home and most of the time they fit perfectly.

Q. Are there any fashion styles that should never come back?

**A.**One that I had hoped would never come back has come back, that’s the leggings look and the skinny jeans. I don’t think it flatters very many people, yet a lot of people wear it that really shouldn’t. It’s not a good look especially for people with bigger hips.

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