The Venus and Mars of the Flu.


The Venus and Mars of the Flu.
The Venus and Mars of the Flu.

Happy New Year everyone.

I hope that unlike me the the first day of 2007 finds you healthy and raring to go. I, or rather we, have a nasty strain of the flu.

Hubby and I have caught this thing at exactly the same time, are experiencing the exact same symptoms, and are both certainly NOT raring to go.

However, I have noticed slight differences in what that actually means for a man vs. a woman (the weaker sex).

Especially when it comes to certain household chores.

Case in point: the other night we were both ready to do nothing but fold ourselves under a toasty quilt for the evening…BUT…The dog had not yet been taken out…AND…

It was trash night…not just trash, but recycling too…it was a veritable trash-palooza.

I had spent a good portion of that afternoon cutting up holiday boxes, rinsing out bottles and more or less returning the house to its pre-Christmas serenity.

I sympathetically asked him if he could take out the trash, while I walked the dog…instantaneously, he shot me a look as if I’d asked him to get on a space ship and fly to Mars.

I could not believe it! Rejected.

So with a mountain of trash (it seemed) ahead of me…I fashioned a most pathetic display…holding the dog on his leash, pulling him back and forth from the garage to the curb…until it was all outside.

Back in the house, thinking I’d really elicited a major amount of sympathy, hubby was sound asleep.

So, there you have it,truth be told — the mens are afraid of the doctor and of trash night.

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