Mary J Blige Plays Hide the Tattoos

By Deidre

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Ah, celebs and their tattoos. Like Angelina Jolie who has a plethora of body art, or Eve and her cute little chest paws, Mary J. Blige is known for her tattoos and generally has no problem showing them off in arm-baring dresses.

As WWD reports, on the cover of Redbook however Blige's tattoos are nowhere in sight. Apparently Blige requested that her ink (a cross on her left arm and her name written across her right) be removed from the pictures snapped by Matthew Rolston. Certainly magazine covers are airbrushed for a variety of reasons but it saddens me that Blige chose not to let her ink be shown.

What do you think? Are their situations in which celebrities should hide their tattoos and is opting for the airbrush to cover them up deceptive?
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