6 Simple Tips That Will Make Your Keto Diet More Effective ...


6 Simple Tips That Will Make Your Keto Diet More Effective ...
6 Simple Tips That Will Make Your Keto Diet More Effective ...

Keto diet is a new trend skyrocketing in social media as one of the effective ways to lose weight. It becomes a popular choice for many, and recently people have adopted this lifestyle for its health benefits. The ketogenic diet is a combination of calorie restriction and the unique benefits of nutritional ketosis to lose weight and improve overall health. Ketosis is a metabolic process wherein your body converts fats into compounds known as ketones that would serve as the main source of energy. This is when your body gets into a fat-burning zone.

Studies found out that ketosis has numerous health benefits such as blood sugar control, hormonal fluctuation, metabolic syndrome, and a lot more. Since the keto diet is a trend, it is common to have a lot of misconceptions and confusion circulating on social media. In this writing, let’s discuss the essential tips you must know before jumping into the keto diet.

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1 Minimize Carb Consumption

Reducing carb intake is crucial for your body to reach ketosis. Normally our body uses glucose or sugar as the main source of energy. When your body reaches ketosis, it uses other fuels like fatty acids and ketones. Low carb consumption will decrease the hormone insulin and allows the fatty acids to be released from the fat stores of your body. For starters, it’s recommended to know the adequate calories for you instead of completely depriving yourself of carbohydrates. According to several keto diet enthusiasts, the magic spoon low carb cereal is a healthy alternative if you’ve been missing cereal for breakfast. It’s essential to pack your pantry with keto-friendly food that contains protein, rich in fiber, and good quality fats. Make it a habit to check nutritional contents to limit yourself from eating too many calories, and make time to prepare your meals.

2 Educate Yourself about Keto Foods

Aside from low carb intake, it is essential to know the right food for the ketogenic diet. Be vigilant of the foods that you are consuming. You must avoid bread, starchy vegetables, high sugar fruits, sweeteners, and a lot more. Choose vegetables growing above the ground like cauliflower, cabbage, zucchini, and other leafy green items. You can also add olive oil to your salads, and fry vegetables using butter. Don’t forget to have protein food in your meals like meat, eggs, and seafood. As for your drinks, avoid soda, beer, sugary smoothies, and much more. You can opt for water, coffee with no sugar, tea, and bone broth. Following the keto diet is to religiously eat keto-friendly foods.

3 Do Not Compromise Your Food Quality

Food, Vegetable, Ingredient, Superfood, Cruciferous vegetables, Being on a keto diet doesn’t mean you can starve yourself, or eat whatever you want like processed meat. Your goal should not just be weight loss but also to have nutrients in your body. Avoid junk foods like fast food burger patties and other processed meat. Choose grass-fed meats, coconut oil, butter, and healthy fats like avocado. However, if you have medical conditions and are taking medical prescriptions, it’s always recommended to consult your doctor first.

4 Engage More in Physical Activities

Being more active can help you get to ketosis. Doing workouts can deplete the glycogen stores of the body. Studies have found out that an increase in physical activities likely increases the rate of ketones production. Meaning, this can greatly help you out achieving your weight goal. However, bear in mind that this is not an immediate result. If you feel weak at the start of your diet, do not force yourself to do extreme exercises. Be patient with your body while it undergoes the adjustment period. You can opt for mild workouts instead.

5 Learn to Track Your Macros

Dish, Food, Cuisine, Ingredient, Produce, Do not underestimate the calories we eat and this is why it’s essential to track your macros. Normally, we think that we only eat appropriate calories for the day. Little did you know that you already exceeded for the day and ended up gaining more weight, or hit a weight plateau. The worst part is you’ll end up blaming the diet you have chosen as it’s no longer effective. The best way to track macros is to have a calorie tracking app and scale. Using both will help you get an accurate measurement.

6 Collab with Keto Enthusiasts

One way to get support is to share questions and struggles with fellow keto dieters. You can find several social media pages where you can find success stories to keep you motivated. You can relate to their experiences and learn tips on how to adopt the lifestyle. Use the internet to your advantage to find ways to get in touch with other keto enthusiasts. You can also read testimonials about the ketogenic diet to learn things that work for them.

Planning ahead of your meals will make you stay focused and ensure that you’re eating the right food. Don’t let yourself starve as it could ruin your diet. Eat on time and with the right amount of food and nutrients. Be patient with yourself as the results are not the same as the others. Listen to your body and consult your doctor if necessary.

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