15 Makeup Tips to Look Older ...


When you first start wearing makeup, it's easy to go a little crazy experimenting on your face. While that's a fun and important component of the learning process for teens, there are some times when thick winged eyeliner and neon green eyeshadow doesn't do you many favors. If you want to look older and more sophisticated, follow these key makeup tips!

1. Create Contours on Your Face

Possibly the biggest reason why you look younger could be because of a rounder and/or softer face, rosy cheeks, a button nose, or maybe simply because you are of small stature.

Makeup tips to look older include changing the perceived shape of your face with contrast and shading. Contours add definition and the appearance of a harder bone structure to even out a fuller face. Using blush adds curves to your cheeks. Pick a darker color than your normal skin tone and apply it just under your cheekbones. Extra tips on where to apply your blush: give yourself a great big smile in the mirror and color in the β€˜apple’ of your cheek, the area where you actually blush. Then, apply a lighter tone just above your cheekbones. This makeup should heighten your cheekbones and add depth to your face.

Use a Light Foundation
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