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In the corner of my beauty closet (yep, I said it, a whole closet) there is a tall stack of squat cylinders in various hues, perfectly stacked, and within easy reach.

This is where my collection of **The Body Shop Body Butters** resides.

I have been hooked on these rich moisturizers for years, and have worked my way through countless tubs. I'd walk past the Body Shop practically willing them to introduce a Butter in a new scent just so I could give myself an excuse to buy another one. Now there are 14. Yippee! (But hey! What happened to Sesame? I liked that one!)

My favorites are Olive, Shea, Brazil Nut, and Cocoa Butter. But now there's a new one that's just as tempting, and most excellent for summer...**Pink Grapefruit**. It has the same lighter texture as the other "summery" butters (not as thick as, say, the Shea), and perfectly captures the sweet-tartness of pink grapefruits.

It's the perfect complement to a bright, sunny morning (like today), and effectively banishes any lingering winter dryness.

And now most of them come in mini size, so there's no excuse not to scoop up new Pink Grapefruit and restock one (or three) of your old favorites!

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