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Irish Food Blogs are culinary gateways to the wonderful cuisine of Ireland. The** Irish food blogs** we feature here don't simply show you recipes straight from the parts of Ireland where their owners live. These** Irish food blogs** are also great inspirations and resources when it come to international cuisine, where to eat or shop for food products in Ireland, and more. From appetizers to main dishes to desserts to cocktails, these food blogs got you covered.

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Eat like a Girl Eat Like a Girl is not only a fantastic** Irish food blog**, it is also one of the best food blogs in the world. The lady behind this blog lives in London but she is Irish with an appetite for good food. For fantastic recipes, cookbook recommendations, travel posts, and funny stories, this blog is for you.


the Daily Spud With Ireland being "the spiritual home of potato" (according to this blog), it is only natural to include The Daily Spud to our list of top Irish food blogs. On top of potato-based recipes, this is also a great blog to check out for other dishes that will complete that dinner you're planning. Go ahead, bookmark The Daily Spud.


The Daily Spud is one of the top Irish food blogs, offering a wide variety of recipes that will make any dinner complete. Founded in 2012, this blog is dedicated to the potato, which is known as “the spiritual home of potato” in Ireland.

The Daily Spud offers a variety of recipes, from classic potato dishes to more modern takes on the humble spud. From creamy mash to cheesy gratin, roasted wedges to shepherd’s pie, the recipes on The Daily Spud are sure to please any palate. The blog also offers a range of recipes for other dishes, from soups and stews to salads and sandwiches.

The Daily Spud is also a great resource for learning about the history and culture of the Irish potato. The blog features articles about the potato’s role in Irish history, as well as stories about the country’s potato farmers and the unique varieties of potatoes grown in Ireland.

The Daily Spud is a great resource for anyone looking for delicious recipes and interesting information about the potato in Ireland. With its wide range of recipes, this blog is sure to provide you with the perfect dish for any occasion.


I Can Has Cook? From the blog: Hello, you. My name is Aoife and i thunk i can has cook. Based on the tropical island of Ireland – in the metropolis of Dublin – I hope to keep this blog up as a record of the recipes that worked for me and the ones that didn’t. Filled to the brim with great stories, mouthwatering photos, and recipes that look easy to follow, this blog is a must-bookmark.


I Can Has Cook? serves as a delightful culinary journal where Aoife, the charming blog host, takes you on a journey through her kitchen escapades. She's not afraid to share the trials and triumphs of her cooking adventures in the Emerald Isle. What makes her blog stand out is the way she infuses her personality and humor into every post, making you feel like you're cooking alongside a good friend. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a culinary novice, Aoife's insights will inspire you to explore the wonders of Irish cuisine and maybe even invent some new classics of your own.


Edible Ireland The blog's tagline is "exploring Ireland with an appetite." If that isn't enough proof for you to include this in your own list of great** Irish food blogs**, the recipes and other foodie posts on this blog should be able to convince you. If you're thinking of dropping by Ireland for a holiday, this is also a great blog to check out when it comes to restaurant recommendations and more.


Whether you're a local or a traveler with a yearning for Irish cuisine, Edible Ireland offers a rich taste of the culinary delights found within the emerald isle. The blog's detailed reviews of eateries, from quaint countryside pubs to bustling city restaurants, will lead your taste buds on an adventure. Moreover, their collection of traditional and contemporary Irish recipes will inspire you to bring a piece of Ireland into your own kitchen. &Edible Ireland is your companion for navigating Ireland's food scene with relish and gusto.


Wise Words

Wise Words Wise Words is a family project of some sorts; the wife writes, the husband cooks, the kids provide astronomical levels of cute. From recipes to stories that will make you smile, Wise Words is a food blog that should be part of your daily bloghop.


Wise Words is the epitome of heartwarming content mixed with a dash of homemade flavors that will undoubtedly draw you in. It's the type of blog where you can feel the love poured into each post. Whether it's the mouthwatering imagery accompanying the husband's culinary creations or the snippets of family life that are as comforting as the recipes themselves, every entry is like a page from a family scrapbook. Get ready to be inspired by their wholesome lifestyle, and perhaps pick up a few parenting tips along with a new favorite Irish stew recipe.


I Married an Irish Farmer This blog tells the foodie adventures of one lovely lady who married an Irish farmer. The blog is "a diary of my adventures in starting over from scratch, embarking on a second life where nearly everything that made up my former identity was replaced with a new set of circumstances complete with a pair of wellies and a whole lot of muck to trek through. It is a place to visit for great photos and posts on cooking the traditional Irish way.


Kitchen 72

Kitchen 72 Coming to you straight from a kitchen in Dublin, Kitchen 72 is most definitely one of the fantastic** Irish food blogs** today. It is a great blog to visit for food eye candy, amazing recipes, and more. Have I mentioned the eye candy? Trust me, the photos of this blog are simply divine.

There you have some of the top** Irish food blogs** online today. These** Irish food blogs** offer you a culinary experience that is indubitably memorable. From recipes to family traditions to photos that can make anyone drool, these** Irish food blogs** truly deliver.

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