I Finally Found Use for Cetaphil!

Cetaphil has worked wonders for my friends, and is hailed by my best bud as her Holy Grail facial cleanser. It’s really mild, dermatologist recommended, and is even used by most dermatologists when they cleanse their patients’ faces prior to acne surgery.

But with my oily and acne-prone skin, Cetaphil just won’t do the trick. I needed something stronger that would cleanse off the dirt from my face, and being gentle at the same time. I heart my Nu Skin Pure Cleansing Gel with all my heart, but the enigma of how Cetaphil worked never really left me.

Until now. I was advised by a friend to use it as makeup remover to remove mineral makeup, because the heavy-duty brands that I’m using now really stay put, and won’t come off easily. I used it once on me and it really removed makeup! With two applications, makeup was off my face I love it!

I’m finally happy I finally found a reason to use Cetaphil! Whee! But right now, I bought Kate Jones Mild Cleanser, that looks and works like Cetaphil, for my byebye makeup needs. My Cetaphil’s still here, and I shall be using it once in a while. All’s well that ends well!

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