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**L'Oreal Sublime Glow Daily Moisturizer** was another popular reader request for Fake Bake Month, and I was embarrassed to admit I hadn't tried it yet! I picked up a tube at CVS and got to work.

Overall, Sublime Glow has got to be one of the best gradual tanners on the market. It has a terrific texture that feels like a good body lotion instead of a sticky self tanner that never dries. It has the lightest touch of very fine shimmer; just enough to make you "glow" like the women in the advertisements. And it smells like tea. I love it!

I tried Sublime Glow in Medium because I prefer my "gradual" tans to develop a little faster. I'm impatient! And, I had lots of tanners to review for this month, so I had to get things moving along quicker. After only one day of use, Sublime Glow evened out the fading/peeling spots from my previous tan (**Bare Escentuals Faux Tan**), leaving a light, even layer of "fresh" tan. The wear-and-tear on my wrists, inner elbows, and neck was completely gone.

After a couple more days, the color deepened but never took on an orange cast - a problem I've had with some of the more potent gradual tanners similar to this one. In fact, the longer-term results were so good that the color rivals that of "greats" like St. Tropez. I am thoroughly impressed.

And that shimmer? Is GORGEOUS. Especially well-suited for a night out, since it's more of a subtle glow than obvious shimmer. I'm ready to throw out all those overhyped shimmer lotions (they're always too glittery anyway), use this instead, and get the tanning benefits to boot.

Fake Bake Month Official Rating

Scent: 4
Color: 5
Texture: 4
Drying Time: 4
Neatness: 4
Bonus Points: 3 (for the shimmer)

Total Rating: 24/30

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