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Heroes Nick and Vanessa

Singer Nick Lachey and live-in galpal Vanessa Minnillo moved fast when an old fella excited the elevator at their New York condo, clutched his chest- and collapsed at their feet! Barely able to speak, the man whispered he’d left his heart medication in his condo- so Nick grabbed his keys and took off as Vanessa dialed 911. Nick was back in a flash, fed the guy a pill and stayed until paramedics arrived. The man, a chronic angina sufferer, was hospitalized overnight and released. In an ironic twist, it turns out he’d actually lobbied against Nick and Vanessa moving in because he’d feared loud parties, etc.- but now raves about the couple, calling them “my heroes!”

Hard-Partying ‘Hills’ bad boy in Drug Rehab

Laguna Beach bad boy Jason Wahler has moved out of the ritzy beachside community made famous on his MTV series and checked into drug rehab. The Enquirer has learned exclusively that Wahler- who shot to fame as one of the spoiled rich kids on the hit reality show- is battling addictions to alcohol and drugs at the Chapman House treatment center in California’s Orange County. “Thank god he’s getting help, because his hard partying has definitely taken a toll,” a pal of the troubled 20-year old tells The Enquirer. “He needed to hit rock bottom-and judging by the look of him, he definitely has.” His mother, Denese Wahler confirmed that Jason is in rehab and admitted that “small traces of drugs” were found in his system. But she said alcohol is his primary problem.

Burt Back With Ex

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