Epson's Ensemble Home Cinema System Makes Theater Set-Ups Less Overwhelming

Setting up a home theater is almost like rocket science - it’s expensive, requires lots of cables and equipment, and it seems like you have to be a genius to figure it all out. Realizing this all and just how complicated it is to set up a professional home theater properly, Epson decided that it was time to create a home theater package that simplifies the process by including everything you need to get up and running, while still being a great value. Epson’s Ensemble Home Cinema system includes a 100 inch motorized screen, a 5.1 surround sound system custom designed by Atlantic Technology including a 10 inch subwoofer, an AV controller with dual HDMI inputs and 1080p upconversion, and a built-in progressive scan controller. Plus - all of the cables you need are included in the package, that alone will save you hundreds of dollars. I’ll never forget when I bought my first Plasma and came home and discovered that the cables weren’t included. That was so uncool. And aside from cables, the system includes all the mounting brackets, cables and wire management tracks so that all that nasty cabling can be discreetly hidden like it is in those home theater magazines that make us jealous.

Also, the screen housing included in the package sports a unique design by having the front channel speakers built in to the screen housing, while the projector has built-in surround speakers. The overall goal here being to eliminate the need for external speakers and cables cluttering the room as much as possible, while not sacrificing the aural experience. The Ensemble Home Cinema System will debut in November with the 1080p system retailing for around 7k and a 720P version for around 5k.

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