8 Easy Ways to Economize ...


Lovies, our economies may be tanked, but that’s no reason to add to the national deficit with irresponsible financial practices in our own lives, right? Unless you’re already living a very Spartan lifestyle, you, like me, can probably stand to economize a little… but how? After reading far too many books on personal finance, and gamely attempting to apply most of the “easy” principles, I’ve found that the following list of ways to economize is the easiest and least painful. Here are 8 easy ways to economize.

1. Brown Bag Your Lunch

Assuming you spend a mere $5 per day on buying your lunch — and likely it’s a lot more — you would save $3 of that by bringing a bagged lunch. That’s $15 per week, across 48 weeks per year… which is a total savings of $720 a year. Another plus? If you bring your own lunch, you’re much more likely to eat more healthful foods. Saving $720 a year, and cutting calories and fat from your diet? Bonus!

Limit Dinners out
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