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Come Party with Me Mother's Day - Music

By partysugar

Mother's Day is only two short days away and I am busy as a bee preparing my mom's brunch. Everything is going along quite smoothly - a party for one is so much easier than a party for 300. I took care of making her a card earlier in the week by turning the mother's day card into a Mother's Day invitation. I'll make an easy breakfast of fruit salad, an egg sandwich, and sweet crepes with a strawberry bellini to wash the whole thing down. A very delicate beautifully set breakfast in bed tray will hold the magnificent meal. On Fridays, I usually talk about what kind of music will play at the party. Quite simply it all depends on your mom. If your mom loves Sting get a copy of his greatest hits for her. If she loves jazz make a compilation of new jazz songs for her. BuzzSugar suggests getting her The Reminder by Feist, a new cd filled with interesting ballads that your mom will love.

However there may be the chance that your mother prefers to watch tv or a new movie or read the paper. If this is the case, then netflix the movie she has been dying to see or order her the new book she has been talking about. The most important thing that you must remember is that Mother's Day is all about making mom feel loved and appreciated. Oftentimes the people we take for granted are the ones we love the most so go out of your way to be honestly nice and genuinely loving. If you do so, I can guarantee that your party will be a success and your guest of honor, your mom, will be unbelievably happy.

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