Best of Chicago Chicago's Best Beauty School Salons Shops ...


Best of Chicago Chicago's Best Beauty School Salons  Shops ...
Best of Chicago Chicago's Best Beauty School Salons  Shops ...

Chicago is a booming city full of culture, and it makes sense that part of that culture would be based around beauty. Whether you’re practically a professional or you barely know your way around a salon, you should know all the best beauty hookups in the city. Next time you want a beauty touchup, don’t pass up these incredible beauty hotspots.

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Best Beauty School in Chicago: Tricoci University of Beauty Culture

In 2004, Chicago’s Mario Tricoci, a successful salon owner and legend in the beauty industry, decided to create an innovative style of beauty school. That style has come alive in Tricoci University. Its Chicago roots make it different from national chains, as it draws on the influential Chicago beauty scene to give you more. By focusing on developing future beauty professionals both as individuals and as craftsmen, Tricoci University allows its students to flourish in the most natural and effective way.


Best Chicago Nail Salon: Juko Nail & Skin Rescue

With manicures, pedicures, lash services, and waxing options, Juko Nail & Skin Rescue is truly the whole package. However, its nail services really shine, and that’s why it’s the best nail salon in Chicago. It does its best to truly pamper you, focusing on hospitality to ensure that you have the best experience while getting your nails done. Plus, the nail salon offers free wine tasting, and even allows you to BYOB so that you can rest and relax.


Best Hair Salon in Chicago: Edit Salon

This was a toss-up between Edit & the Tricoci Salon, but since we already named Tricoci University above, we thought we’d give it to Edit.

Though it was only founded in 2012, Patrick Lewis and Dina King, the owners of Edit Salon, have a combined 22 years of experience in the industry. That means you know you’re getting great service. The key at Edit Salon is that your desires and personality shape your style. If you want something that’s on the cutting edge of fashion, so be it; if you want a more old-fashioned hairstyle, Edit Salon can deliver. These stylists focus on the art of cutting hair, and it shows.



Edit Salon, located in Chicago, has been named the best hair salon in the city by a women-focused lifestyle blog. The salon, founded in 2012, is owned by Patrick Lewis and Dina King, who have a combined 22 years of experience in the industry. Their focus on the art of cutting hair allows them to create personalized styles that cater to each client's desires and personality. Whether you're looking for a cutting-edge fashion-forward look or a more traditional hairstyle, Edit Salon can deliver. With their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, it's no surprise that they have received this recognition as the top hair salon in Chicago.


Best Chicago Blow Dry Bar: Goldplaited

A finishing salon should give you style and pizzazz while also offering the experience of your dreams. Goldplaited does both, offering blowouts, dry styles, and even full makeup applications to prepare you for your next big event. It even has a “finishing alcove,” holding essential finishing touches like breath mints and perfume that will put your look above all the rest. From prom night to a high-status date, Goldplaited will give you the look you crave.


Best Mani/Pedi in the Windy City: Zenails

The name Zenails comes from combining “zen” and “nails,” and it shows. At Zenails, you can get the calming experience that you’ve been looking for and walk out of it with an incredible mani/pedi to boot. Plus, this nail salon focuses highly on sterilization, utilizing hospital-grade equipment, which means you don’t have to worry about cleanliness. The ambiance is really what draws people to Zenails, and it’s the friendliness and thoughtfulness that keeps people coming back.


Best Chi-Town Waxing Salon: SkinQ

Locally owned, women-owned, and run only by certified professionals, SkinQ covers all the professional aspects of waxing while also maintaining a local vibe that you’ll be more than happy to take advantage of. Not only does SkinQ offer waxing services, which include all portions of the body broken down into individual services, but it also helps with other services like anti-aging treatments and wrinkle treatments. You’ll walk out of SkinQ with both incredible skin and advice on maintaining it.


Best Chicago Beauty Supply Store: Bravco

In a world populated mostly by chain restaurants, it can be tough to find a real “Mom & Pop” shop that gives you quality, value, and service. Bravco offers all of that. You can find popular brands and ones that are often more difficult to find, which means that Bravco can help you cover all your beauty needs at once. With its full range of hair, skin, and nail care products, you’ll definitely choose this as your go-to Chicago beauty supply store with just one trip.

There are lots of beauty resources in Chicago; you just have to be willing to look for them. From start to finish, you can truly take advantage of these beauty-related resources by simply paying attention to what the locals love. One thing is for sure: the locals love all of these options. Don’t let yourself settle for one of the many chains that don’t actually care about making sure you look your best. Opt for one of these businesses for everything from quality education to the salon products you deserve.

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