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Brad to Jen Dump Your New Man

By popbytes

hey kids! oh yes - it's tabloid time here on popbytes - i've got the latest cover of **STAR** magazine below which is all about brad pitt worried about jen aniston's new man hottie model paul sculfor - supposedly warning her to dump him! (via a 'touching' phone call) oh poor jen - she just can't seem to escape from being a gossip target! it still blows my mind by how much people seem to love to read about her - especially in conjunction with her ex - mr. pitt & his lady angelina jolie (although her name is left out of the cover drama this time...) i will agree that from what i've read about her new beau - he does seem like a sketchy character so jen does need to watch herself BUT let's keep in mind she's only been on maybe a few dates along with a sleepover or two (of course she needs a little nookie - i'd do him too!) she's not exactly walking down the aisle yet - everyone needs to calm themselves down and let the woman date!

in other stories they've got an update on the pregnancy status of fourteen celebs - i don't think nicole richie is preggers (at least not anymore...) but i will put some money down on christina aguilera having a baby with her hubby jordan bratman...and what about janet jackson?!? for some reason i can't see her having a child but then again you never know! right below that there's some drama about shar jackson being pregnant again with kevin federline...i don't think britney spears or anyone else for that matter gives a shit! let them have a fucking baker's dozen - who cares?!? last but not least - there's a story about paris hilton's supposed suicide drama - and her prison meltdown! i can't wait to see how long the new 'god & light loving' attitude lasts for ms. hilton! i'm willing to give her a clean slate but i'm leaning towards thinking that paris' changed ways & attitude won't last very long but only time will tell! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

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