4 Body Confidence Issues Men Have and How to Solve Them ...


4 Body Confidence Issues Men Have and How to Solve Them ...
4 Body Confidence Issues Men Have and How to Solve Them ...

There's a common misconception that self-confidence and self-esteem issues only happen to women, which is certifiably incorrect. Men are expected to be strong and resilient and not show emotion, but men deal with some important body confidence issues as well. It's only human to wish to be taller, or stronger, or this or that. We all want more.

The good news is that body confidence issues are solvable, and here are some of the solutions you or your partner might take advantage of to feel more confident.

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Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness, and receding hair in general, is an issue that affects many men. In fact, nearly half of all men will develop it at some point later on in adulthood. This issue is definitely one of the most prevalent for men, but there are solutions. There are expensive ones like hair plugs or transplants, but there are also wigs, hairpieces, and hair growth creams. The ability to reduce the issues caused by hair loss in men helps a lot of guys feel better about their body image.



The issue of gynecomastia doesn't get as much attention as many of the other body confidence problems that afflict men, but it's worth discussing. Gynecomastia, which is often known as man boobs, is fat buildup around the nipple and breast region causes self-confidence for how it impacts how men look. Some of the solutions for this include compression shirts, and the products at www.confidencebodywear.com can help men who suffer from self-esteem problems related to this to feel more comfortable in their clothing. Taking the best estrogen blocker can also help reduce estrogen levels and maintain healthy hormone levels, which in turn, will help you get rid of the so called "man boobs".  Exercise, that focuses on chest workouts is a good way to improve this condition as well.



Another body confidence issue in men is one that might not be able to be fixed in the traditional sense. There's a prevailing belief that men need to be tall to be true men, which isn't true. You might not be able to miraculously grow overnight, but there are certain ways you can find relief.

Whether it's through lifts in your shoes, daily stretching, or fixing your posture, the issue of height is mostly a mental block, but definitely something that's worth mentioning. These methods won't add inches to your overall stature, but they can improve your overall confidence, which is worth a lot more than some height.


Sexual Performance

When it comes to "feeling like a man", sexual performance is often cited. For men who feel they don't satisfy as much as they would like to in bed or don't last as long, this one is easily fixable. A lot of this comes down to diet, and how the food you eat can be impacting your overall performance. Eating more leafy greens, more vitamins, and drinking more water can have an immediate impact on how well you can perform in the bedroom.

Nearly every man goes through some type of body confidence issue, and nearly every man is trying to find a way to fix them. These are some of the most common issues and some quick
tips on how to solve those confidence problems.

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