7 Board Games That Are Actually Fun ...


Board Games have gone out of fashion in favor of video games, computer games, and TV, but really, I think they should make a comeback! For some people, board games are synonymous with boring. If you know what you’re doing though, that’s not always the case. They aren’t all made for little kids. Some can spur amazing genius, fights, embarrassingly great Facebook pictures, and the ever-popular laugh until you cry moment. My friends and I play a lot of these; so let me give you a lesson on games for grown-ups by introducing some board games that are actually fun.

1. 1313 Dead End Drive

Pop-up board games are awesome! In this one, you are all assigned roles as the rich master of the house turns up dead, and your goal is to stay out of the house long enough to meet the detective outside and claim the inheritance. Trap cards allow you to betray even your closest comrade in the quest to get paid. Happy killing!

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