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5 Things to do or Make for Thanksgiving

By Meream

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get together with family, eat good food, and kick-back. And while you can't spend this holiday shopping or out on the town, there are plenty of things that you can do for it to show your appreciation.

1 Banner

Of course you need a pretty Thanksgiving banner. Check out the link for a printable pattern. I love the vintage feel of these letters!

2 Sweet Potato Sides

I love me some sweet potato. If you do, too, you will no doubt love the sweet potato Thanksgiving recipes after the link. The photos alone are making me hungry!

3 Pack for Home

If you are away for college but is coming home for the holidays, this link is your ultimate packing guide. I love this: "Maximize eating capacity – the stretchier the clothes, the better."

4 Stay Fit

That's right, the holidays are no reason to forget about working out. Check out the link for some amazing tips on staying fit this Thanksgiving.

5 Labels

Planning on giving away treats this Thanksgiving to your neighbors or relatives? You know what would make your "gifts" complete? A beautiful label or tag!

Got more ideas on things to do or make for this coming holiday season? Hit us up in the comments section!

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