7 Best Women's Razors ...

Now that the weather has turned, it’s time to start wearing skirts and shorts instead of jeans, so it’s time to shave again… or show the world your peach-fuzz legs! And let’s face it, some women’s razors just aren’t cut out for daily shaving… but some are, and they’re the ones I want to talk about! Here are, in my opinion, the 7 best women’s razors. So run a bath, grab a can of your fave shave cream, and get ready for smooth, sexy legs!

1. Gillette Venus Embrace

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Price: $12.99 at drugstore.com
With five thin blades and a lush moisture strip, you’ll get the smoothest shave ever with the Venus Embrace. I love the soft-grip handle, which doesn’t slip out of your hands while shaving, and the Shower Pod, which holds your razor to your shower wall, is genius. The replacement blade systems Is easy to use, and helps ensure a smooth shave every time.

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