8 Best Bedroom Games For Couples To Spice Up Sex Life ...

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8 Best Bedroom Games For Couples To Spice Up Sex Life ...

Playing a sexy bedroom game can step up your sex game in the bedroom, but which one?

Well, there are plenty of bedroom games that you can order, but why wait for the physical games to arrive, when you can actually spice up the heat by playing some sexy couple games on your iPhone.

Those who have been in a relationship for a while know that things tend to get rather monotonous and repetitive in the bedroom after a while. The chemistry keeps improving the more you can surprise your lover and the more you can innovate in the bedroom.

We’ve covered a variety of games that can be useful across different phases of knowing your partner. Whether you two have just met on a dating app or you have been married to them for years - there is something for all kinds of couples in these games. We have also kept gender inclusivity in mind while selecting these bedroom games.

Whether you’re looking for a kissing game to play in the bedroom or want a game that helps you know your partner on an intimate level or just want to play games that can help you kill the boredom and spice up your romantic relationship in the bedroom, the below listed apps shall be very helpful.

The 8 Best Bedroom Games to Spice Up Your Sex Life

These 8 games are some of the best options when it comes to bringing a fresh and innovative perspective into your bedroom activity. These games will help you break the monotony and try out new things which will keep you and your partner excited throughout!

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Best Sex Game: FYR Couple Games

Website | iOS | Alternate Link

We actually got in touch with 17 couples who were using FYR Couple Games, their reviews about this bedroom game were amazing. They call it the best app for learning new things about a partner on an intimate level, new sex positions, and even dirty & kinky tasks that’s great for foreplay.

FYRApp is the best sex game for couples. Not only it helps you spice things up in your bedroom, but also helps you know your partner on an intimate level. 

The app offers a 7-in-1 combination where you get 7 naughty & sexy couple games, each of which is designed to get you and your partner more intimate and try out new stuff. FYR App is just the perfect app to break monotonous sex positions in the bedroom.

As we pointed out earlier, this app is a combination of 7 different games. They are: 

  1. Sex Roulette
  2. Sexy Dice
  3. Kamasutra Positions
  4. Accessory Adventure
  5. Ladder of Desire
  6. Roleplay
  7. Truth or Dare for Couples
  8. Dirty Dare
  9. Do You Know Me?

These are different games for different levels of intimacy. You might want to play some of them during the part when you are just talking about things and warming up for the night, others for the foreplay, while there are some games reserved for adding spice to your sex life. We’re going to explain all the games in detail below:


Sex Roulette

Sex Roulette is one of the best games to explore new sensual sex positions for different moods. Say, you’re looking for a foreplay position, that’ll lead to an intense session, then you can select that. In case you’re interested in laying down or being on top, then you can choose that mode, spin the roulette and you’ll get 10-12 different positions every time you spin the roulette.

The game basically has 3 dice, the first one is a dice for task (tickle, rub, suck, hold, etc), the second dice is for the body part (pussy, head, legs, etc) and the third dice is for the intensity (fast, violent, quick, eyes closed, etc)


Kamasutra Positions

Are you tired of performing the same old sex positions? Want to further spice up things? One of the great ways to do it is to try new sex positions regularly. That’s where the Kamasutra Positions section in the FYR app comes into the picture. Just launch the game, choose the level of difficulty and try new science-backed sex positions, that’ll guarantee amazing bedroom time!

If you’re tired of the same old sex positions that you perform in the bedroom and want to try something new then this game is for you. The couples we interviewed actually said that they generally loved the new position ideas as the main issue for most couples in the bedroom is monotony.


Accessory Adventure

While this isn’t my favorite part of the game, a lot of the kinky couples who are into doing dirty things in the bedroom can opt for this game. However, this game is only meant for people who have different types of accessories that can be used to spice up sex in the bedroom.

Basically, you can choose multiple accessories and the FYR App will start generating different tasks that would involve choosing the accessories you selected.

Now when it comes to bedroom games, and especially smartphone apps that have these games, they typically tend to follow gender norms and are designed for heterosexual couples with one biologically male and one biologically female partner. However, FYR App has ensured that their games are inclusive and are LGBTQIA+ friendly. No matter what your gender is and what your partner’s gender is, there’s always something for both of you in these games. 

Another aspect that We2 focuses on is ensuring that their UI is pretty easy to navigate. A lot of smartphone apps and games, specifically those games designed for the bedroom are high on the sexiness aspect but don’t really care about the User Interface. We2’s design stands out compared to most other apps out there. 

Pricing: You can subscribe to weekly, monthly, yearly, or lifetime packs of this game which will give you access for the time period. 

While we addressed inclusivity earlier, the app is also considerate of its users from non-English speaking nations. It supports multiple languages, including English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese. 

You can enjoy We2’s bedroom games on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices that are running iOS 12.0 or above. It also supports MacOS 11 and beyond.


Best For Orgy  Dirty Never Have I Ever

I first discovered Dirty Never Have I Ever app when I was looking for dirty never have I ever questions and came across a blog post on Tickle. It’s not just an amazing app for group parties, but also has couple mode which has the dirtiest never have I ever questions that can be played in the bedroom.

Never Have I Ever is one of the best party games out there. From college kids to partying adults - everyone enjoys it. This is a classic card game where you draw a card and answer a question. These questions tend to range from easy and soft to really wild and raunchy. This app, specifically, has a lot of questions designed for adults and is rather kinky in nature. 

This is a great game to play with a partner you haven’t been with for too long. The game helps you know them better - and also helps bring out their wild side. Couples sometimes can face shyness while confronting each other about their sexual preferences or their past experiences. However, with games like Never Have I Ever, these things come out rather easily. 

The biggest problem with playing Never Have I Ever at parties is that cards usually have a limited set of questions and it can get repetitive. If you are not using a deck of cards and are making up these questions by yourself, you are likely to run out of them rather quickly. However, with this app, the task becomes much simpler as all you have to do is pick a category from the game, and then a series of questions will be generated based on your choice. 

The various categories that are included in this game are:

As you can see, the game carries something for everyone. If you want to play this with your partner as a bedroom game, you have the Risqué Ravine and Sensual Escapades, for an all-guys party, you might want to try Masculine Manoeuvres, for an all-women night out, Empowered Females is a good option. If you’re playing with your workplace colleagues, you might want to check out Masters of the Workplace. 

Another great way to play Never Have I Ever is along with some drinks. Every time you land up on something that you have done, you take a shot. By the end of the game, all the participants are guaranteed to be drunk. You can add a bedroom variant to it, for everything that you have done, your partner gets to do something to you of their choice. 

Pricing: Never Have I Ever comes with three in-app purchase options based on the time period of the purchase:

While Never Have I Ever is a classic party game, it can help you innovate in the bedroom and know your partner really well. You can know what they like and dislike, what they’ve done in the past, as well as what they’d like to try out in the future. Lastly, this is also a very inclusive game and you and your partner can identify with any gender and still have a great time playing it.

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Best Sexy Couple Games: We2

The name of this app explains everything, We2 is meant to bring a couple closer on an intimate level. From knowing your partner on an intimate level to trying new sex positions, the app allows you to do it all. It’s the best alternative to the FYR App, but the UI is very simple and the focus is on the content here.

We strongly recommend this app to our readers as it will help you get the best chemistry between you and your partner in the bedroom. It is a particularly effective game when it comes to trying out something new. 

The seven games that this app carries all feature different levels of intimacy - some are mildly sexual in nature while others are great for foreplay and getting to know each other physically. However, there are some games here that can help you get hot and heavy straight up. Here is a list of the games that the app carries:

Kama Roulette, Couple Dice, Ladder & Desire, and Couple Play fall in the ‘raunchy and kinky’ category where things can get very sexual. In Couple Roulette, you are given multiple sexual tasks but the roulette will choose it for you. In Couple Dice, you can randomize various elements - (lick/kiss/bite) with a body part on your partner’s body, and you can also control the intensity of how you are going to do it. The dice decide everything. 

Ladder and Desire accelerates things slowly. You start off slow on the lower levels, but as you progress, things keep getting more and more intense. Couple Play is essentially a roleplaying game where you and your partner choose your roles and enact scenes where you play characters who are about to do something kinky. 

Truth or Dare can be seen as a game where you can choose various levels based on your comfort. You can go with easy truths and dares or you can go with the hard ones, which get very intimate and sexy. ‘Dare You To’ is another game that focuses mostly on sexy dares and ‘Do You Know Me’ is a game where partners can try to see how intimately they know each other. 

Pricing: When it comes to in-app purchases, the game has two options:

Lastly, another thing that we want to emphasize that we really love about this app is that it is a really inclusive and safe space for people of all gender identities. The UI is also pretty easy to navigate through and the seven games can each be played with ease. You don’t want to spend too much time thinking about how to play the game while you’re getting hands-on in bed, do you?


Best For Naughty Time: Truth or Dare for Couple

Spin the bottle is a concept familiar to people all over the world. It is essentially a form of truth or dare where you gather around and spin a bottle - and the bottle chooses who asks the question to whom. Truth or Dare for Couple, however, takes the same idea on to a digital medium. A bottle spins with your names on it and ends up choosing two people - one who asks, and one who gets asked.

This is an exciting bedroom game for couples, as they can get really creative with their questions. Is there an act in the bedroom that you have been trying to convince your partner for a long while but they just won’t agree? Dare them to do it! However, you can also rely on the cards used by the game to choose some innovative kinky dares. 

This game is great for those who want to try it out in the bedroom but is also a fun party game. There are questions of different categories - even some SFW ones for younger audiences. The categories make it clear:

If you look closely, the first four are rather basic and can be played with pretty much anyone. However, the latter four focus more on the sexual side of things. ‘Couple’ is all about intimate questions and tasks that will make you cozy up to each other, ‘Naughty’ is all about the kinky stuff and things start getting handsy over here. ‘Extreme’ is where things get very sexual and dirty. If you wish to add some custom questions, you have the option to do that as well. 

Not only is this a good option to play along with your partner, but it is also a good choice for people who want to play with other couples, or want to play in a setup where someone you like is also present and you want to hint at things. 

Pricing: While each pack can be purchased separately for $4.99, the game also has the following in-app purchase options:

Another thing we really love about this app is that it does not assume that only straight couples are playing the game and has tasks and questions that are rather gender-neutral and inclusive of all sexualities and gender identities. This is an all-around perfect game for your bedroom activities to heat up.

What makes the Spin the Bottle app incredibly exciting is that it comes with over 2,000 questions. This solves a major problem because when you’re playing classic spin the bottle with an actual bottle, you tend to run out of ideas. However, this game keeps things fresh…and hot!


Best For Knowing Partner: Would You Rather

Would You Rather is another of those age-old classics that have been rather popular in the digital format. This is a game that is best fit for couples who are new to their relationship and are still exploring their kinky side together. The rules of the game remain the same, but it is now to be played on your phone.

Often when one enters into a new relationship, it becomes awkward for them to ask their partner about their sexual preferences in a normal conversation. However, games like these help you ease into that conversation without sounding creepy, as the cards are designed in a way that will help you understand each other’s sexual preferences in a better way.

This game carries 6 packs of cards - each with a different set of questions:

Easy Peasy is when you want to keep things SFW and don’t really want things to get sexual or kinky. This is a great pick for college and birthday parties. Ultimate Dilemma is a pack where you get choices that are very hard to pick - but aren’t very sexual in nature. Seductive Showdown and Demenetd Choice, however, are packs where things get spicy! These are the packs you might want to play with your date as you cuddle in your bed. 

Similar to most other games on our list, ‘Would You Rather’ also does not rely on heterosexual couples, but is made for all gender identities and for people of all orientations. The game’s design is quite simple and is among the best options to play in the bedroom because you don’t spend too much mental energy figuring things out. 

Pricing: This game comes with two in-app purchase options:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 Can bedroom games help me get better in bed with my partner? 

Bedroom games can help you get better in terms of innovation and trying out new things with your partner. Often people who repeat the same thing tend to lose interest. This keeps the spark going.

2. Are there any good sexy bedroom game apps for homosexual couples?

Yes, there are many good options for homosexual couples such as We2 and Spin the Bottle which are gender inclusive and can be played by people regardless of their gender identity. 

3. Which are some of the best bedroom games to spice up my sex life?

FYR App, We2, Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle, Ladder of Desire, Dirty Dares, Never Have I Ever, Sexy Dice, and Sex Roulette are all good examples of sexy bedroom games that you can try to spice up your sex life.

 4. Is Truth and Dare a good bedroom game for couples?

Truth and Dare is one of the best bedroom games for couples as they can dare each other to perform some kinky and sexual tasks and ask each other the truth about their sexual preferences. 


Playing bedroom games can help you up your game in bed! Innovation is the success of chemistry and these games help ensure that your sexual acts don’t get repetitive. Keep surprising your partner and witness the sparks fly! We hope these games help you and your partner have a great time in the bedroom.

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