Beckham Now the 250 Million Dollar Man

David Beckham has just signed a rumoured 5 year, 250 million US deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy. He will finish this season with Madrid and be in LA in August.

I guess we'll be seeing alot more of him. He will moving his family to LA just as soon as they can get a home. Posh is going to have a hella lotta loot to spend on shoes. Holy crap.

"I would like to thank supporters and the people of Madrid who have made my family and I so welcome in my time here making this an extremely difficult decision to make," added Beckham.

"I have enjoyed my time here enormously and I am extremely grateful to the club for giving me an opportunity to play for such a great team and their amazing fans."

In a televised interview provided by LA Galaxy, Beckham added: "Another challenge has come up and it is the right time for us to do it.

"I didn't want to go out there at 34 years old and for people to turn around and say he's only going there to get the money. It's not what I'm going out there to do.

"I'm going to hopefully build a club and a team that has a lot of potential. I think that is what excites me."

His hot ass is going to put alot of new fans in those seats.

source - cnn

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