9 Beauty Turn-Offs to Avoid ...

When it comes to beauty, there are always definite do’s and don’ts. There are things you should do, and things you should stay away from at all costs. Some of these are personal choices, granted, but by reading about the following beauty turn-offs to avoid, you might decide to change some of your habits, or at least relax them a little bit.

1. Thick Eyeliner

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Photo Credit: lvloves.blogspot.com

Thick eyeliner may have its time and place, but it should not be worn all the time. It doesn’t make the best daytime look, for instance. Plus, having raccoon rings around your eyes can actually detract from how pretty they really are. Sometimes less is more, so even if you only change your habit for the daylight hours, you may find that the look complements you more.

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