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Awesome Travel Photo Blogs make you want to get off you bum and explore the world. Whenever I browse the 7 awesome travel photo blogs listed here, I get this ache in the center of my body. Perhaps because I see evidence that the world is truly beautiful. And also because their photos remind me that I should start saving for my next big trip. Enjoy these awesome travel photo blogs!

1. Stuck in Customs

Stuck in Customs

Stuck in Customs is most definitely one of the awesome travel photo blogs today. His is a blog that is a fantastic combination of stunning photos, travel diary, and photography tutorial. The genius behind this blog is Trey Ratcliff. And because he has the most amazing travel photos, he is incredibly famous. Proof: "My work first became popular after I had the honor of having the first HDR photo ever to hang in the Smithsonian."

Ilya Genkin
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