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Ankle Zip Jeans

By Camille

I'm still not into the skinny jean trend, and I believe that it will pass by within the next two years. But during it's current peak, they're being adjusted. Every extremely popular trend is always modified so that we keep wearing it each season until it dies. For example bold prints were only popular at first with dresses, then it jumped to shirts/tunics, skirts, and now coats. I'm sure loud crazy prints will fade by next year. But that's also what I love about fashion. Creativity has no boundaries.

Skinny jeans are being transfigured again. The ankle zip jean is on the rise. If you love skinny jeans, you'll probably love these too. I really hope not to see these in acid wash.
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Product of the Week:

The product of the week is from one of my favorite skin and hair care lines. Tui Hair Oil by Carol's Daughter is a lightweight and sweet-smelling oil. Carol's Daughter products are also replacing a lot of my dependable routine brands. It is perfect for hot oil treatments and definitely has revitalized my hair. My hair stays soft and shiny, but be careful because you can go overboard with this product. The oil is very thin but a little goes a long way.

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