An Entire Crew of Bikini Waxers is Required for Scarlett Johansson's Hoo-ha

How many bikini waxers does it take to wax Scarlett’s mysterious lady parts?

The stunning actress was intrigued by the trend - which involves removing all the hair from your private parts - and decided to take the plunge despite her concerns.

She confessed to Britain’s Hot Stars magazine: "I had a Brazilian wax once. I was a nervous wreck!"

Scarlett, 22, had the intimate beauty treatment carried out at New York’s Oasis Day Spa and when she stripped off the waxing crew were said to have been in awe of her naked body.

A source said: "The crew couldn’t stop admiring her curves."

More like they couldn’t stop admiring the way the warts set upon the warts. Oh, please. You know you were thinking the same thing.


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