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Celebrities and models have been bitten by the design bug...there's J-Lo's Sweetface, Jessica's shoes, Christy's yoga wear, even Elle McPherson has her name on bras. Well the latest model designed brand is Luba J from 2 NY based models Julija and Lioubov. Their names may not have the instant recognition of the ones mentioned above, but their bags are so great they don't need it!

My favorite is the Challah, pictured in the center...I love the balloon, but I need to give the smaller bags a chance too. Both the Balloon and the Challah have U shaped patches with whip stitch accents, and small metal spikes (no worries though, they're really more like the small metal feet than actual spikes). Both also have a turn lock clasp. The Full Moon style is also really nice. It's suede and has a crinkly, quilted side panel (which you can see here). All 3 have the heavy braided leather strap, which seems to be the hallmark of the line. They all have an inside zip pocket, as well as my personal favorite luxury detail...suede lining in a contrasting shade to the bag.

The bags range in price from $575 for the Challah, to $678 for the Balloon (it's $738 in camel, not sure if that's a typo) at Active Endeavors where they have the best selection of colors, including the above mentioned camel balloon which is gorgeous.

In the name of consumer fairness, though, many of the darker colors are available, and on sale for about 25% off at Shopbop.

In any color, though, one thing is for'll be carrying the hottest new handbag around.

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