All the News That's Fit to Eat - September 26, 2007

• Does your food have the blahs? Spice it up with ginger! Plus, several prominent dairies are joining forces to set safety standards for raw-milk cheese. - San Francisco Chronicle
• Speaking of ginger, if you don't want to use it to spice up your food, try using it in your drink. Gingertini anyone? How about a Ginger Douro? - Los Angeles Times

• When food costs are up, even frugal shoppers could use 50 ways to save while grocery shopping. - Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune

• I always have great food when I visit, so it doesn't surprise me that Portland is going through a golden age of eating and drinking. Plus, there is definitely a time and place for cream and butter. - New York TImes

• The cupcake trend marches on. Kickass Cupcakes has become Boston's first cupcake-only business. - Boston Globe

• Remember the urban legend of the woman paying $250 for the Neiman Marcus cookie? Well, why pay $250 when you can have the mysterious recipe for free. - Dallas Morning News

• And finally, what is it about communal office fridges that make people throw etiquette out the window? - Seattle Times

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