8 New Places You Can Embrace Nudity (or Avoid!) ...

Nudist holidays have always been surprisingly popular, but their popularity never seems to stop increasing...more and more people are holidaying in nudist locations, and enquiring at nudist clubs. And I’ll admit, it’s a world of holidaying that I’ve never really been interested in, or known anything about. So I was shocked to learn about these beaches...

1. Vera Playa, Spain

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Photo Credit: naturist_now

Vera Playa beach is an amazing beach, which you’d be forgiven for mistaking for any of Spain’s other gorgeous landscapes. This one has a difference, though...it’s a nudist beach. It has a choice of nude accommodation, beach bars, sunbeds, and even naked volleyball...it’s a whole nude world! It’s in the hottest and driest part of Spain, meaning it’s never too cold to be naked, and there are Europeans holidaying there all year round.

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