8 Courses for the Perfect Thanksgiving ...

It’s the same every year — I swear I’m going to let someone else host Thanksgiving, and by the middle of September, I’m already planning the menu myself. It’s just that I’ve got the dinner down to a science now, so it’s a habit now, and I actually really enjoy it — except for the cleanup. I have all of the courses planned, and ready to go… as well as a list of helpers to do the dishes at the end! Here are 8 courses for the perfect Thanksgiving…

1. Appetizer

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While everyone’s still milling around, getting caught up and chatting, it’s a great idea to have a few appetizers out. You don’t want anything heavy, or too sweet, since your marvelous dinner is on the way, so just set out a pretty tray of crisp fresh veggies or a cheese and cracker tray. Although… what do you think your family would say to fresh oysters with caviar and shallots?

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