7 Pretty Garden Accessories ...


I love my garden, and not just for the fresh vegetables and gorgeous flowers. I’ve made my garden my own peaceful oasis with all of my favorite accessories… if you’re looking to transform a simple garden space to something more, I can help! Here are my suggestions, my list of 7 pretty garden accessories for every budget and every taste!

1. Pottery Barn Tuscan Urns & Cachepot

Pottery Barn Tuscan Urns & Cachepot

Price: $24.00 to $89.00 at potterybarn.com

Along the edge of my patio are three planters with herbs, just seconds from my kitchen. But these gorgeous planters could be used for just about anything you’d like, just about anywhere in your garden! They’re available in three sizes and can be used alone or in a group. I love them!

Cattails Garden Lantern
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