7 Most Anticipated Albums of 2011 ...

Oh yes, it looks like 2011 is when lots of new albums are coming out and you know that I cannot wait. I absolutely love music – it’s what makes the world go around. It takes my bad mood and turns it into a good mood. It also helps me write – when I write – I like listening to music. I often like to make music of my own. Mind you, I enjoy many different types of music – even music I do not understand. I am going to give you 7 most anticipated albums of 2011. For some of these, I am no sure of the songs that will be on the album, but I know they are coming out with a new one in 2011. If I know the songs that will be on there, I will list them. I do ask you that if you know the songs on an album to please list them in the comment area.

7. Adele – 21

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Adele is not that bad. Her track to her new album includes:

Rolling In The Deep
Rumour Has It
Turning Tables
Don't You Remember
Set Fire To The Rain
He Won't Go
Take It All
I'll Be Waiting
One And Only
Someone Like You

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