7 Ill Effects of High Heels on Your Body ...


Most of the women in my family spent most of their lives wearing high heels to work. I have personally only worn them a few times and one of those times nearly resulted in a broken ankle. I’m all for donning a pair of heels when wearing an outfit that requires a bit of elegance, but I’d much rather put on a pair of comfy tennis shoes. Here are 7 ill effects of high heels on your body, just in case you aren’t aware of just how detrimental these fashionable accessories can be.

7. Lower Back Pain

High heel shoes are created with fashion in mind and not comfort. There is usually a lot less support in heels than in running shoes or even sandals. The constant pressure on the balls of your feet causes weight distribution to be less even and lower back pain is often the result. Nerves can also become stressed in the lower back because of the odd posture held when wearing high heels. I’ve dealt with nerve pain in my lower back for many years and it is no fun at all!

Foot Pain
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