5 ANTB Posts on Modern Life...

1. the Celebrity Effect

Are celebrities generally more beautiful than the average woman? How do you feel about the fact that many women compare themselves to the ladies they see on TV or in magazines? Check out this thought-provoking post and see if you agree.

2. Working from Home Blues

Do you work from home and find yourself feeling just a little bit low these days? You may be having a case of the SAD. This was an eye-opening post for me as I also work from home.

3. Yoga and Work

I loved reading this post on yoga and how it can help you deal with stress. This is funny and will surely help you find ideas about managing the most difficult parts of your 9-5 job.

4. Homeschooling

How does one decide to home school one's kids? Would you be willing to manage the studies of your children? Check out this post and see if you can relate.

5. Modern Love Story

Ready to give online dating a try? What you need is to read this five tips first. We're sure these will help you create a wonderful profile and be ready for that first date.

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Top Photo Credit: Helga Weber